Dmitry Mazurov’s Biography

Photo 1. Dmitry Mazurov at Antipinsky Oil Refinery

Dmitry Mazurov was born on January 25, 1976, in Leninsk, Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic (now Baikonur). He graduated from Kazan Physics and Mathematics School No. 131.

After graduating from Kazan State University with a degree in Radiophysics, he worked in commercial structures at the Nizhnekamskneftekhim plant (Tatarstan). Later, he took up a position as a deputy director at the representative office of Nizhnekamskneftekhim in Kazan.

In 2002, Mr Mazurov moved to Moscow and established Neftegazohimicheskie Tehnologii company, which later became the basis for the formation of New Stream Group of Companies. Already in 2004, the turnover of Neftegazohimicheskie Tehnologii company, which imported and processeed Karachaganak gas condensate, liquefied gases from Western Siberia to Bashkiria, and provided the supply of natural gas, reached one hundred million dollars a year.

At the same time the company participated in the auction and purchased equipment capable to process about 0.5 million tons of oil per year – the unit served as a production base for Antipinsky Oil Refinery. The first production at the plant was launched at the end of 2006.

In 2008, there was opened a swiss office of New Stream Trading sales company to search for and attract foreign investment in the holding’s projects in the Russian Federation. Besides, own gas filling stations in Tyumen and the region started to work.

In a relatively short period of time, ten years, very significant results were achieved: large-scale construction and development of Antipinsky Oil Refinery (II and III workflow stages) were carried out, oil fields in the Orenburg region were purchased, and the fund of wells was repaired.

In September 2016, Antipinsky Refinery put into operation a fuel oil advanced processing unit and reached a record for the Russian oil industry processing depth of 98%, which allowed the plant – one of the few in the country – to completely abandon the production of fuel oil.

By 2016, there was formed New Stream Group of Companies on the basis of Antipinsky Refinery. It included enterprises engaged in oil refining, transportation and sale of petroleum products on the foreign and domestic markets, as well as a company that owned oil fields in the Orenburg region.

The creation of Antipinsky Oil Refinery was Mr Mazurov’s high professional achievement, and the refinery joined the club of oil-free plants (with complete absence of fuel oil in products launched for shipment) – the elite of oil refining.


The Chronology of Development of Antipinsky Oil Refinery

Antipinsky Oil Refinery is one of the leading private oil processing enterprises in Russia. It started with a relatively modest figure of its own production of 0.4 million tons per year, which was a design capacity of the first workflow stage 14 years ago. The refinery under Mr Mazurov’s management in a relatively short time reached a record depth of processing for Russia and high indicators for the quantity and quality of products.

FORMATION: 2005-2011 years

2005-2006 years

An active phase of construction of Workflow Stage I at Antipinsky Oil Refinery began in 2005.

Photos 2-5. The start of the construction of Antipinsky Oil Refinery

On July 29, 2006, the construction of Workflow Stage I was completed.

The birthday of Antipinsky Oil Refinery is considered to be on September 30th, when the plant began to work in a test mode of operation.

In November 2006, the first workflow stage (Crude Unit-1) with a capacity of 400 thousand tons per year was put into operation.

Photos 6-7. Crude Unit-1

2007 year

By the end of 2007, Antipinsky Oil Refinery was already a large enterprise with a processing capacity of over 500 thousand tons of oil per year.

Photos 8-9. Crude Unit-1

At the same time, it was decided to modernize production to 740 thousand tons per year and build the second workflow stage with subsequent modernization.

Photos 10-11. The start of construction of Crude Unit-2

2008-2009 years

In 2008, Crude Unit-1 was upgraded, and the refining capacity was increased from 500 thousand tons to 740 thousand tons of oil per year.

The second workflow stage at Antipinsky Oil Refinery was being under construction.

The development of its own retail network of gas stations in the Tyumen region began.

Photos 12-18. Construction of Workflow Stage II

2010 year

Crude Unit-2 with a capacity of 2,500 thousand tons of oil per year was put into operation at Antipinsky Oil Refinery. For the first time in 30 years, on the territory of Russia, there was built a completely new oil refinery without relying on the Soviet technological inheritance.

Photos 19-20. Opening of Crude Unit-2

Photos 21-23. Crude Unit-2

Photo 24. Antipinsky Oil Refinery, 2010


2011-2017 YEARS

2011 year

On September 21, 2011, the government of the Russian Federation and Antipinsky Oil Refinery signed agreement No. 09-32, according to which the refinery undertook to implement investment programs aimed at upgrading its refining capacities, providing for a phased transition to the production of higher-quality oil products, including the implementation of сonstruction of Workflow Stage III.

In 2011, Antipinsky Oil Refinery began the most ambitious construction endeavor in its history: it was necessary to bring the volume of primary processing to the level of an industrial oil refinery.

Photo 25. Start of construction of Workflow Stage III

2012 year

At the refinery, the works to increase the production capacity of Crude Unit-2 were carried out. As a result, its capacity was increased from 2.5 million tons to 3.3 million tons of petroleum products per year, and the total capacity of the refinery (Crude Unit-1 and Crude Unit-2) reached more than 4 million tons of petroleum products per year.

Photos 26-27. Completion of Crude Unit-2 upgrade

Construction of Crude Unit-3 with a primary processing capacity of 3,700 thousand tons of oil was continued.

Photos 28-29. Construction of Crude Unit-3

Photo 30. Antipinsky Oil Refinery, 2012

2013 год

Photo 31. Award received for processing 10 million tons of oil at Antipinsky Oil Refinery

By the end of 2013, the first phase of Workflow Stage III was completed: the capacity of the refinery reached 7.7 million tons per year.

Photos 32-35. Construction of Crude Unit-3

In October 2013, Antipinsky Oil Refinery started the second phase of Workflow Stage III — a complex of diesel fuel hydrotreating units up to the Euro-5 standard, and the third phase of Workflow Stage III – a fuel oil advanced processing unit.

2014 year

On January 29, 2014, at Antipinsky Oil Refinery an official ceremony was held for putting in operation an oil refining unit (Crude Unit-3) with a capacity of 3.7 million tons per year. The company fulfilled one of its main strategic goals and brought the installed capacity of the processing plant to 7.2 million tons of oil per year.

Photo 36. Opening of Crude Unit-3

Photos 37-42. Crude Unit-3

During the construction of new and modernization of existing facilities, Antipinsky Oil Refinery continued to pay special attention to minimizing the impact of the company’s production process on the environment. In January 2014, five-stage treatment and water treatment facilities – unique for the whole country – were put into operation. The cost of their construction exceeded $100 million.

Photo 43. Water treatment facilities. Homogenizator of the dehydration unit

Photo 44. Water treatment facilities. Biological treatment unit

Photo 45. Water treatment facilities. Impeller flotation units

Photo 46. Antipinsky Oil Refinery, 2014

2015 year

In June 2015 commissioning and start-up activities started, and in October, a diesel hydrotreating complex with a capacity of up to 3 million tons per year was put into operation, which resulted in the production of diesel fuel that met the Euro-5 quality standard.

Photo 47. Construction of diesel hydrotreating complex

The start-up of diesel fuel hydrotreating complex marked the completion of the second phase of Workflow Stage III and became the starting point for the implementation of oil secondary processing at the refinery.

In addition, at the same stage, the modernization of Crude Unit-3 was completed and its capacity was increased to 5 million tons per year.

The total installed processing capacity of the refinery exceeded 9.0 million tons per year.

Photos 48-51. Depot of liquefied petroleum gases

On December 8, 2015, at Antipinsky Oil Refinery a grand ceremony of commissioning of the second start-up complex of Workflow Phase III was held: it included three new facilities – a diesel hydrotreating unit, a hydrogen production unit, and an elemental sulfur production unit.

Photo 52. Commissioning of the second start-up complex of Workflow Phase III

Photos 53-57. Diesel hydrotreating complex

Photos 58-59. Antipinsky Oil Refinery, 2015

2016 year

In 2016, Antipinsky Oil Refinery introduced deep processing (99%) of oil and ranged with the industrial enterprises of the oil industry. An incredible technical breakthrough became a reality thanks to the launch of a unique production complex – a fuel oil advanced processing unit with an initial capacity of 3.3 million tons of fuel oil per year, and after modernization, from September 2016 – 4.2 million tons per year.

Completion of construction and commissioning of a complex two-section fuel oil advanced processing unit marked the end of construction of the third phase of Workflow Stage III.

By the commissioning of the fuel oil advanced processing unit, Antipinsky Refinery fulfilled its obligations to modernize the existing oil refining complex stipulated by the quadripartite agreement. It had been signed in September 2011 between the plant, Federal Anti-Monopoly Service, Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision and Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology.

At the same time, New Stream developed transportation and own transshipment sector at sea, as well as the sale of its products.

Photos 60-64. Fuel oil advanced processing unit


In 2018, the construction of the refinery was completed with the commissioning of a combined high-octane gasoline production unit.

The cost of construction of units at Antipinsky Oil Refinery was significantly lower than the cost of analogues in Russia and abroad. This fact was confirmed by an independent consultant Alvarez & Marsal CIS.

In total, $2.8 billion was invested in the construction of Antipinsky Oil Refinery, including infrastructure facilities.

Antipinsky Oil Refinery went down in history as the only private independent project in the country, created from scratch and built entirely according to the highest standards of oil refining in the world, that was brought to its logical end: with diesels and gasoline of any brands of the Euro-5 standard products in the range, 99% depth, up to 9 million tons capacity. Only a few refineries in the country can boast such characteristics.

Photos 65-83. Antipinsky Oil Refinery, 2018

The film is created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of New Stream Group.

Antipinsky Oil Refinery.